History Fair Research Guide
2015 Theme: Leadership and Legacy in History
Search the DeBakey Library Catalog for these Primary Source Book Titles:

American Decades Primary Sources, Reproductive Rights, Slavery Throughout History, tragic and Triumph
in History: Immigration, Renaissance and Reformation, Prohibition, The Great War Through the Stock
market Crash, Is Military Action Justified Against Nations That Support Terrorism:, Iraq, Industrial
Revolution, An inquiry Into the Civil War and Reconstruction, Early Civilizations in America, the French
Revolution, War in the Persian Gulf, Young People in U. S. History, World War II, American Civil Rights,
Crime and Punishment in America, A Young People's History of the United States
DeBakey Library Database Resources:

ABC-Clio (American History, World History, World Geography); EBSCO (History Reference Center, World
Reference Center, Biography Reference Center); ProQuest (History Study Center)
Video and Audio Web Sources
Greatest Speeches of All Time, Volumes I and II (DVD)